Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Ultimate's Music Cafe! ...

:+welcome to Ultimate's Music Cafe! ... :cat:


This page may take just a bit to load depending on your speed (connection) since I now have 6 Players full of Music with over 800 songs! Please scroll down the entire page to load the players.
If you would like to turn on the random shuffle for each player you may do so by clicking the "X" looking thingy in the top right
hand corner of the player! You can also pop out each player to make it a stand alone. The Pop out button is at the bottom of each player!
Be sure to bookmark my Music Cafe in your favorites for all you Party needs!

Are You Ready for some Music? ...

Ultimate Selector! 12io4j2w90

Sunday, February 1, 2009

This Player is a mix of Top 40 - Smooth Jazz - Rap - Rock ..:cat:

Standalone player
You can Pop my Player out & Listen while you work!

This Player is R&B - Love Mood Music! ...:cat: Standalone player

This Player is Dance Floor Music! 1/2 Country & 1/2 Funk! ...:cat: Standalone player

This Player is Classic Rock & Rock n' Roll!
Standalone player